V 23.XX.XX - XX/XX/2023

    • First version for RICEFISH (TicWatch E3) BASE: PMKB.211102.002
    • Updated base for ROVER: PMRB.220703.001
    • System app update
    • Stability improvements
    • Added new features in OneOS Center


    V 22.08.24 - 24/08/2022

    • Updated Base: RUBYFISH - PMRB.220703.001 | ROVER - PMRL.220111.00


    OTA V 22.07.18 -  18/07/2022

    ---OTA SINCE V 22.07.04 TO 22.07.18 ---

    • Added OneOS Center
    • Added Button Launcher
    • Added OTA Updater
    • Added Magisk (make sure you have the .zip of it installed or it won't show up)
    • Stability improvements


    V 22.07.04 -  04/07/2022


    • Changed OneOS statistics domain to the new server and improved the app UI
    • Stability improvements
    • Updated system apps
    • TicCare Suppressed
    • Lowered DPI to 240 to improve usability of the interface 


    V 22.01.30 -  30/01/2022


    • Rubyfish: updated to base: PMRB.220111.001
    • Stability and performance improvements


    • Optimized menu navigation in the Essential Mode app.
    • Added option to enable/disable backlight when moving clock in essential mode.
    • More than 100 training modes have been added to the TicExercise app.
    • Improved GPS location in the TicExercise app. Now positions faster (Only TWP3 ULtra GPS).
    • Added TicExercise app function for exercise recognition and rep count, such as jump rope, burpees, jump squats, etc.
    • Enhanced blood oxygen (SpO2) measurements in the TicOxygen app.
    • Enabled 24-hour heart rate and blood oxygen measurement (TWP3 ULtra GPS only).
    • A new tile (card) has been added for the TicOxygen app.
    • Optimized interface design of sleep logs in TicSleep app (TWP3 GPS only).
    • New application added, TicCare (Only GPS TWP3).
    • Security patch with update date October 2021.
    • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.


    V 21.10.8 -  8/10/2021


    • Added stock BOOT.IMG to the installer
    • DPI changed from 320 to 300
    • New string in: Info (about this device)
    • Added information about: System -> Regulatory information
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the sound from working due to a provider error.
    • GPS improvements


    V 21.10.5 - 5/10/2021


    • Deodexed
    • Removed all Mobvoi packages (you can download MobvoiAPPS-TWP3 _ ***. zip and install it with TWRP to get it back, including removed essential mode (second display application controller), read above for more information and download)
    • Updated WearOS system APPS
    • Added OneOS WearOS stats for ROM stats (used only to know how many people use our ROM
    • Changed vendor (Mobvoi apps and overlays removed)


    V 21.10.3 -  3/10/2021


    • Added ONE Bootanimation
    • Improvements in prop.default
    • Improvements in build.prop
    • Custom Recovery removal removed