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      1. First you have to create your own cable, read these instructions for it.
      2. Download adb platform tools(windows), 
      3. Unlock the bootloader from fastboot with the command: "fastboot oem unlock" and follow the instructions on the clock screen
      4. Install the Custom Recovery to be able to flash with the command "fastboot flash recovery NAME_recovery.img" (you will find it in the section Download)
      5. Disable vbmeta check (download  vbmeta ): "fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img"
      6. It is recommended to make a complete backup from TWRP of the partitions and save them on the computer
      7. Pass the .zip files you want to install to the clock, and flash them as you normally would on your mobile, no wipe of any kind is required before installing, the install itself does the necessary wipes except "data"
      8. Perform a factory reset from TWRP itself by giving wipe --> format data --> type "yes"
      9. Reboot the system every reboot/first boot will take longer than normal, it's because of the deodex.

      ** If your device is Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra or Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS please download the corresponding file from utilities in the downloads section so that you can have the ULTRA functions and be recognized as ULTRA

      *Note: If you have mac or linux or already had platform tools please make sure it is version: 30.0.5 so that the --disable-verity command works correctly

      *Note 2: Keep in mind that if in the first installation you have not installed magisk when you want to install it, it will be necessary to format the device or it will not start


      • From OneOS Center go to Updates and click on check for updates, automatically if there is an update it will tell you
      • On the contrary, by entering this website or, failing that, to our Telegram channel "@OneOS_News".
      • Or if you are in a version that has OneOS Center you enter updates --> check for updates and follow the instructions
      • Or you download the * from the download section and transfer the file to the device and install manually from twrp

      * Be sure to read the notes both in the changelog and in the download to know from which version to which version it is

      1. Download the update ZIP
      2. Reboot into TWRP
      3. Install without doing any wipe (unless otherwise stated in the Changelog of the version to download)
      4. Install the Mobvoi Apps package you want
      5. If you wish, install the utilities you want provided in downloads
      6. Reboot...

    Other questions

      • From the factory without Magisk it overcomes it without any problem, this implies that if you had Google Pay, it will continue to work without any problem.