Magisk adapted for Wear OS


    Changes Magisk Wear OS 0.1:

    • First public version

    Changes compared to the official version of Magisk:

    • Interface adapted to Wear OS
    • Rebuilt more robustly for Wear OS
    • Adapted to use with any Wear OS rom but special for OneOS Wear
    • Logs disabled in the UI are not needed on Wear OS
    • Settings added to menu bar
    • Rewritten menu bar for Wear OS adaptation
    • Disabled welcome activity launch
    • Configured settings to work with Wear OS automatically
    • Rewritten settings to remove things not needed in Wear OS




    1. Once the .zip and .apk files are installed, please transfer the .zip to the device and install it
    2. After installing the .zip and restarting the system, install the .apk file by adb